Ревелейшен казино эвил резидент

Местонахождение: Эпизод 4. Сначала в казино, на дне фонтана. Как нажмёте кнопку, выпрыгнут заражённые рыбы. Убейте последнюю, и из неё выпадет монетка. Описание: Нужна, чтобы сыграть в игровой автомат.

Does Resident Evil: Revelations 2 game have a online coop CAMPAIGN? : residentevil

Жетоны (стопка монет). Местонахождение: Эпизод 4. Выиграете в игровом автомате, в казино. Описание: С помощью них внести ставку, и открыть дверь в VIP комнату. Ключ от лифта. В этой небольшой статье Эфемер Абстрактный расскажет в тексте и картинке как открыть дверь казино в игре Resident Evil Revelations.

В этой небольшой статье Эфемер Абстрактный расскажет в тексте и картинке как открыть дверь казино в игре Resident Evil Revelations.

Resident Evil Revelations. Прохождение игры на %. Эпизоды 4, 5, 6 (Сайт )

К оглавлению (другая помощь по Resident Evil Revelations). Всё очень просто, на фонтане с карасиками лежит книга. И в ней написано. После весьма неоднозначной Resident Evil 6 многие затаив дыхание ждали HD-издание Resident Evil: Revelations. Как-никак, после релиза проекта на Nintendo 3DS пресса в один голос пела про «настоящее возвращение к истокам». Давайте узнаем, не растеряла ли Revelations своего обаяния на пути к большим консолям.

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  1. The saddest fact is that in resident evil revelations 2 gina is her sister and dies as fast as she does and without much importance

  2. I feel sorry for her ..if i could only put her out if her misery ..oh wait , i think they already did

  3. I think Rachel hot am lesbian I would kiss slept with her she hot sexy when she say lets play in cute creepy way 😍😍😍😘😘😁😀

  4. Shame she had to die she was pretty cute. Although we dont know w but at her eyes looked like for all we know she was super cross eyed and thats why she had her doubt of her survival kn this miss.


    1. It isnt confirmed yet if theyre sister or not.but i think theyre sisters because:
      -They have the same hairstyle(but gina didnt have a bangs and she had black hair)
      -They have the same last name
      -Theyre both thicc(lmao i know its stupid)
      -Was the first character to die in both games

    2. Yes she is her sister. If you get her to level 10 in raid mode, you unlock her Rachael costume.

    3. theres a girl named gina foley in resident evil revelations 2 who already died named GINA FOLEY

  6. Im curious as to why everyone likes her and why is she so hyped up? She was mentioned in re Revelations like maybe 3-4 times and you fought her 2-3 times. Like why was she so important haha

  7. Aw man I cant believe that I missed my chance to play this when it came out. Now I want to get it due to Rachel.

  8. Why the hell did Rachel even get to be in there, Shes a poor innocent girl, its like ruining your dreams

  9. sweet. i oway hate killing sad story ppl in game playin as tham add a 3ed world posbilty. i well pretand she live and such

  10. Why is facing off against other zombies thou.When she one herself.Also why didnt she used her during the boss fight?

  11. I really hate the fact she died so quickly, she could have been a good impact on RE for her appearance and her attitude in horrible situations. I mean she could have been the Harley Quinn of RE….anyway im pissed.

  12. hola tengo una duda los este personaje y lady hunk asi como los packs de armas son solo para el modo asalto o tambien se pueden usar en campaña ??

    1. Hrishi Kick I know man Ive been playing it since the 90s, what I was questioning was the weird sexualization. its not like silent hill where it makes sense, Im just wondering if loads of people get off to zombie tities.

    2. LadySaphira your commen made me ROFL so hard ,Resident evil franchise is one of the most selling video game franchises , you imbecile

    1. @TheUnoGamer yes i did 2 YEARS AGO ya fucking stuck in time or what

  13. All these people saying how thrilled theyd be to fuck a zombie are scarier than any RE game.

  14. The fact that shes already a monster but still fights with guns instead of using any of her monster-related weapons is the most American thing Ive ever witnessed and the best so far.

  15. Que desperdicio en ves de rachel hubiesen puesto a un tipo, para que sea infectado tan linda era y se molestaron en hacerle un buen cuerpo para terminar asi transformada en un ozoee espantoso

  16. Do you want to broke your hearts? Well ooze are male humans infected so ooze Rachel is transexual thats why he doesnt become into a sea creeper.

    1. does anyone thing the worm thing looks like a, well….. penus or is it just me? plus with the ooze…… uuh it really looks similar. guys pls answer. (especialy 12 year olds)

    1. dont worry, youre not the only one. (im here for social basics not for the vid….)

  17. 1:17 that monster who is it? Ive played the game and never seen this thing before.

    1. Sasori
      That gets me excited. Oh yes… I love a good challenge… It is a challenge right?

    2. Super Saiyan 5 Gohan You should buy one of the new remasters it has a lot of extra content 😀

    3. Super Saiyan 5 Gohan Do you only played the 3DS version? Its a new enemy for the HD versions

  18. The scariest parts of the game ive gotten to so far im at episode 9. Was meeting Rachel more then once on how she popped uo everywhere, the ship leader yell the distress call before u fight him, the invisible creatures caus they hit hard af. Thats all for now

    1. Dark DeadWolf Stop trying to interfere with other people’s lives you furry fuck

  19. well no wonder that bitch died. Tie your hair up, girl. Or wear a headband or cut that shit off. How can you see anything when your hair is already wanting for you to die.

    1. SableSyndrome she lost an eye so she covered one but dint like it so put her bangs in her eyes but in revalations 2you can kinda see her eye if you put her side ways

  20. I guess the lesson is
    If you put your hair over your face youre gonna get strangled by an oozy thing